The Farmington Independent School District recognizes the value and importance of athletics programs as an extension of a good educational program. Participation in the athletics programs is a privilege and a valuable part of the overall school experience. It contributes to the mental and physical well being of our students.  

A primary goal of the athletics program will be the participation and involvement of maximum numbers of students. It is expected that all who participate will be afforded the training and wherewithal to compete successfully in athletics contests, but winning records are to be regarded as the outcome rather than the objective of a program which shall more appropriately seek to instill and develop life skills necessary for future success. These skills include Leadership, Communication, Goal Setting, Organization, Work Ethic, Self-Discipline, Perseverance, Cooperation, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, Perspective, Teamwork, and Relationships.

In addition, we hope to develop an appreciation and commitment among our student-athletes for life-long physical activity. Athletics is truly an extension of the classroom experience for the student-athlete. Interscholastic athletics is not a separate entity unto ourselves; we exist to enhance the experiences our student-athletes receive first in the classroom.